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Personal trainer Software and App

Are you sitting with a pile of paper or weights? Don't spend your time on the red tape and planning, but focus on what's really important. We take the annoying chores off your hands, such as booking and reserving personal training and group lessons, invoicing, administration, keeping track of strip cards, subscriptions, direct debits and much more. This way you have more time to help your customers. Personal trainer software? You already have it from 0, - per month.

Our colorful mix of branches

Personal Trainers

No more hassle with paperwork. Focus on muscles, not spreadsheets, with our super handy personal trainer app!

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(Kick)Boxing & Martial Arts

Let the management of your boxing club run smoothly. Our app helps you be as good at administration as you are in the ring.

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Yoga & Pilates

Create the perfect balance between your yoga classes and administration. With our app, inner peace is also possible outside the yoga mat

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Fitness studio

More time for squats and less time for spreadsheets. Manage your gym more efficiently with our all-in-one app

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Group Lessons & Boot Camp

Keep your head cool while organizing your boot camp or group lessons. Our app keeps everything neatly in one place.

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Sports associations

Leave the administrative hassle to us so you can focus on the game. Our app makes team management a breeze.

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Dance schools

Let your dance school run swinging. Our dance app ensures that you can concentrate on the dance steps instead of the administration.

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EMS Studios

Boost your EMS studio! With our app you can easily manage your lessons, customers and payments. This way you have more time for muscle stimulation!

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Group lessons by Physiotherapists

Stretch your potential with our sparkling group classes, taught by physiotherapists who know what movement means.

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Let customers schedule themselves

Boost your business with our app and website: effortlessly book group lessons and bootcamps! Convenience for you and your customers, with clear insights and ease of use. Your fitness club digitally transformed – fast, simple, effective.

  • Book online via the app and your website

  • Pay directly via iDeal

  • Customers can cancel themselves

  • Choice of trainers

  • Group lessons at multiple locations

  • Set cancellation conditions

  • Set available spots

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Automate your gym

Flexibility first: adapt training and group lessons completely to your style. Easily determine rates, VAT percentages and duration. Your offer, your rules – effortless and tailor-made.

  • Individual lessons & ride tickets

  • Season tickets & day passes

  • Pay directly via iDeal

  • No complicated credit system

  • Trial lessons or packages

  • Discount profiles (e.g. 65+)

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Payment and billing

Save time and convenience: switch to online payments and direct debits. Reduce your administrative burden and focus on what really matters in your business.

  • iDEAL

  • Direct debit (SEPA)

  • Send payment requests and reminders

  • Payments directly to your own account

  • Cash or debit card payments continue to be received

  • Invoices

  • Export finances for your accounting

  • Overview of outstanding payments

  • Digital wallet

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Access control with QR code

Improve the security and convenience of your gym or studio with our advanced QR code access control system. Flexible and controllable, it integrates seamlessly with turnstiles and doors for safe, efficient and customer-centric access. Maintain full control over access to your facilities.

  • Quick QR code access for customers

  • Highest security standards

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

  • Supports various access options such as subscriptions and strip cards

  • Access restriction for outstanding payments

  • Completely cloud-based, no local PC required

  • Real-time insight into customer presence

  • Easy management via AppyBee

  • Use of the latest technological innovations

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AppyBee offers many more features

Calendar & scheduling

Extensive agenda
Online booking & reservation
Create planning or schedules

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Member administration

Manage customers or members
Payment and invoice overview
Booking behaviour

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App & link

Your own app for customers
Link to your own agenda
In your own house style

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Payments & billing

Online payment & collections
Invoices & payment requests
Financial dashboard

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Messaging & marketing

Send messages & promotions
Send via push and email
Own email templates

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QR code Access control

Secure access with QR code
Complete control over who enters
Turnstiles and doors

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Separate workouts

Flexible sports options
Pay per lesson, no obligations
Ideal for spontaneous athletes

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Strip cards

Flexible access with strip cards
Choose lessons to your liking
Perfect for varied sports

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Stable source of income
Regular customers, regular lessons
Customized subscriptions

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β€œEven people who always said they didn't want to make reservations use it. Moreover, with AppyBee I sell many more individual lessons. It works very easily and offers you a lot of clarity.”

Y Fit

Yvonne van Belen

β€œI have been using AppyBee for over 2 years, have doubled my clients and save 5 to 10 hours a week on planning and administration thanks to AppyBee.”

Steel Vital

Christopher Steelenburg

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